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July 1-July 10 2022

Accra - Cape Coast 

| Ghana




Accra - Cape Coast - Kumasi

| Ghana


Custom-designed retreats in Ghana

Full Circle Retreats creates custom-designed educational, cultural and spirit-focused retreats for individuals and organizations to Ghana, West Africa

 A life-changing cultural and spiritual space where you can reach inside yourself and outward to the wisdom of Africa toward greater spiritual growth, renewal and a powerful sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

WORTH KNOWING: Bells to toll Sunday for enslaved Africans brought to U.S. in 1619


Black history started before the 1619 arrival of enslaved Black people at Pt. Comfort. And Full Circle Retreats will make sure you have the chance to (re)member that history on the sacred ground of Ghana, West Africa! New retreats for 2020 and 2021 will be announced shortly!


Black American Travelers Explain Why They Feel Safer Abroad Than Home

Visitor to Ghana

When Eric Martin, co-founder of the online travel and lifestyle platform Black & Abroad was asked if he experienced prejudice while traveling abroad by the Washington Post, he stated, “The most racism I receive is in the U.S., hands down, especially as of late. Traveling abroad has been a refuge for me. It’s been therapeutic because I am able to just be and not have to worry about whether I might get pulled over or mistaken for this person or that person. It’s very different, which is why we encourage travel to the African continent.”

Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ is emotional for descendants on both sides of the slave trade

Elmina Castle

Over one doorway at Elmina Castle, a former hub of the slave trade in Ghana, a brass plaque reads, “door of no return.” It was the last door that captive Africans went through in Africa before they were boarded onto ships and sold as slaves.

Word of Mouth

My Ghana experience was beyond words. If I said amazing no one but the women I shared it with would understand. If I said soul searching, identity confirming, ancestral connecting - you would have to experience the journey to fully understand what I mean.

Makini Beck

New York | USA

Note: My words will never fully capture what the Writing Our Lives, Full Circle Retreat experience has meant to me. The setting created a strong sense of coming and being "Home".

Cheryl Ann Fields

Connecticut | USA

Full Circle Retreats provided me with one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve ever had. Every move we made was carefully curated and thoughtful. 

Torie Weiston-Serdan

California | USA

My trip to Ghana with Full Circles Retreats was indeed an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. I have travelled to many countries with other groups, but the tone and atmosphere set by Dr. Cynthia Dillard and her dear husband Henry during this "Writing Our Lives" adventure provided the perfect setting for me to grow as an educator and writer.

Cecilia Joyce-Price

Texas | USA

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