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Full Circle Retreats creates custom-designed educational, cultural and spirit-focused retreats for individuals and organizations to Ghana, West Africa.

FULL: Containing all that is possible; having depth, entirety
CIRCLE: A symbol of centering, completion and the feminine
RETREATS: A time of solitude and reflection: a quiet, private or secure place

Full Circle Retreats moves beyond tours to create meaning-filled retreat experiences for individuals and organizations designed to (re)member the beauty and wisdom of Ghana so that you can (re)member yourself. Experiences that will transform you.  Experiences that will help you to be free.

While we specialize in custom-designed retreat experiences in Ghana, we also regularly offer these exciting themed retreats:

Writing Our Lives:  A Writing Retreat 

A Kwanzaa Retreat in Ghana

Spirits of the Cloth: An African Textiles and Design Retreat


Cynthia Dillard

Owner | Full Circle Retreats

Henry Oppong

Owner | Full Circle Retreats

Torie Weiston-Serdan

Webmaster | Full Circle Retreats

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